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Unlock Your True Potential!



Lifestyle Fitness Coaching

Transform your life with me, your Certified Lifestyle Fitness Coach.

Through health and fitness, I want to enable you to unlock your true potential to become the person you've always wanted to be.  In the end, this program is not just about your body .... it's about your life.

My Lifestyle Transformation program is a client-centered, non-prescriptive service.  I don't make a diagnosis and offer a treatment.  Instead, I will help you to determine what is happening for you in your body, mind, and life.  Then, together, we will determine what you may want to change and the ways to go about doing it.


Just about everyone has a vision of his or her ideal life.  I want to help you bring that vision into reality!

The details of this 12-week plan are client specific.  Contact me for your free initial consultation. 

Semi-private Personal Training  

My private/semi-private personal style training sessions are a great way to surpass your fitness goals while saving money.  My sessions are designed with all fitness levels in mind, and are generally limited to no more than 5 athletes per session.

My workouts are a combination of crossfit, calisthenics, bodyweight training, cardio endurance training, pilates, yoga, kickboxing, resistance training, polymetrics, and more!  I incorporate muscle confusion with high intensity interval training (HIIT) to push you past your perceived limit!  I then help you to take it a step further by incorporating intensly variating routines so you never know just what to expect next!

You won't find a more diversified fitness program in Kalamazoo County!

Semi-private workout sessions are billed monthly and are offered up to 5 times per week.

High-Intensity Strength Training

Scientific breakthroughs have shown that combining strength training with the high intensity interval training method makes it possible to lose weight and improve your muscle tone without spending endless hours in the gym. 

While this personal training program is tough, demanding, and not for everyone....when you give it 100% of your effort, it will crank up your metabolic furnace, turning you into a fat-burning machine!
High-Intensity Strength Training is billed monthly and offered up to 5 times per week.