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My Story

ZooCity Fitness was born out of necessity.  Too many people are coasting through life, not sure of their purpose.  I was too.  Until I realized that by taking control of my fitness, I could take control of my life.  I could regain the control that I had allowed the world to steal from me.  I used the dedication, the discipline, the self-respect and the dignity that was required to regain control of my fitness, and began to apply those same principles to my life.  This ultimately led me to my greatest achievement, the realization of my true potential.
Like you, I'm a work in progress, but I've created the foundation for a life that allows me to be fully present and fully active as a man, a father to my son, a husband to my wife, a veteran to my country, a coach to my clients....a communicator, a consultant, and investor in lives, and a friend.  I expect this of myself and I relentlessly push others to do the same.
This isn't easy.  This isn't always a quick solution.  This isn't a magic pill.  This isn't a place for half in effort.  If you're ready to be all in, to lose the excuses, and to step into the power that you may not even know you had in you, let's talk.
Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes

Meet Your Coach!

Jason Wood
  • Air Force Veteran
  • Husband to a freaking wonderful wife
  • Father to a freaking awesome son
  • ACTION Personal Trainer Certification
    • Certified Personal Trainer
  • The Spencer Institute
    • Certified Lifestyle Fitness Coach
    • Certified Muay Thai Fitness Instructor
  • Beachbody Coach